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83. Meeting Johnathan

Frederick Bear looked somewhat doubtful as he and Theodore Bear walked along with the violin player.  "Would you like to try to play something else, Theodore," he asked, "you can still refuse if you are too nervous."  Theodore thought for a while before he answered and by that time they were standing in front of the musician's friend.  "Johnathan, meet my new friends.  This is. . ." the violin player said, smiling sheepishly and turning to the bears, "I am sorry, after all that I forgot to ask your names!"   Theodore smiled, "This is Frederick," he said, "and I am Theodore," and so they got to meet the drummer with the tom-toms.  "Two Bears!" said Johnathan, "wonderful, pleased to meet you guys.  Can you play the drums?  You should manage very well with those big, sturdy paws," and he smiled broadly and looked pleased with his idea.   "Watch me for a bit to get the hang of it and then you try.  Look, like this," and he beat out another steady rhythm.


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