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89. More Planning

"We will have to get up very early tomorrow to be in time to catch the bus so we must pack up tonight," Frederick said, "we will take something with for lunch and a bottle of honey tea for when we feel thirsty."  Theodore nodded.  "Good idea," he agreed, "I can take all the things out of my back pack and pack them in there.  That way I can carry it all easily"  Then Frederick looked thoughtful.  "We will be high up in the mountains where it will be much colder than here in the city.  I will lend you a beanie and a scarf to keep you warm.  I have spare brown ones for you."  "Thank you, Frederick," said Theodore, "that will be very kind of you.  I am looking so forward to this outing.   I will help you get everything ready."  Soon the back pack was full of good things to eat and Theodore had tried on the beanie and scarf.  "Ha ha," he laughed as he looked in the mirror, "these will keep my ears and neck nice and warm.  Sleep tight, Frederick, see you in the morning."


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