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84. A First Attempt

Theodore Bear and Frederick stood watching the drummer and in no time they started tapping their feet in time to the beat.  Tap-tap-tappity-tap and then after a while Tappity-tappity -tappity-tap, faster and faster.  "This looks easier than playing the violin," said Theodore, "I think I would like to do it too." and Johnathan stood up to offer Theodore his seat.  Theodore began to play and soon he was much more confident.  He played louder and better and then he called to Frederick, "Come Frederick, if I can you can too."  Frederick Bear was feeling adventurous, so he slipped on to another seat next to Theodore and soon they played together in perfect time.  "Wow, well done, you two," cried Johnathan and clapped his hands and tapped his foot in time to their playing.  The first listeners started to drift across the mall to see something they had never seen before – two bears drumming out a good rhythm.


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