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25. Out on the town

The sun was streaming in the windows and all the bears were waking up.  Theodore Bear could hear the traffic rushing along the road and remembered that he was in the big city.  He jumped up from the sofa and looked out of the window.  "Goodness," he said to himself, "it is very busy out there." After breakfast Merlena Bear suggested that they all go out together, take a walk through the city and look at all the lovely things in the many shop windows before going down to the river bank with a picnic lunch.  "Excellent idea," said Hernando Bear,  "I have not had time yet to see any of the goods here and I can get some ideas what to take back to Europe as souveniers."  Theodore decided to wear his orange bow and was so surprised to see that Hernando was also wearing the same color orange bow when they were ready to leave.  "We could nearly be twins," he said to Hernando and they laughed together as they all walked out the house and pulled the door shut.


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