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26. So much to see

Merlena Bear knew her way around in the city so she took the lead.  She said, "Today we will do something different and we will catch the tram to the city center."   Theodore Bear had never seen a tram before and was fascinated by the coach that ran on rails and swept quietly up to the appointed stopping place. Once all the passengers were on board it left just as quietly.  "This is the business hub of our city" Merlena said and Theodore hardly knew what to look at first as they went along.  There were very tall buildings with rows and rows of windows, large shopping malls with bright lights flashing and trees and flowers everywhere.  They all got off the tram at the biggest shopping center and walked around looking at all the shops.  There were so many people rushing by and they hardly even noticed the four bears ambling along.  But someone did and stopped to chat.


Finding Charm said...

Hmm...I wonder if they'll go shopping first or get a slice at Sbarro --- hehe.

TG Bears said...

You will need to check back on Friday :-)

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