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30. Shelley and the Bears

Merlena Bear was still holding Shelley's hand in her paw and they quickly walked across to arrange with Shelley's Mummy where they would meet again later in the afternoon before setting off together.  Shelley skipped and danced as she went along with the bears, holding their paws and asking ever so many questions.  She wanted to know where they all lived and if they had enjoyed their visit to the city.  She asked if they had been to the top of the tallest building yet and told them all about where she went to school.  "Today is a holiday for us," she said, "imagine if I was in school today, then I would not have been here to go with you to the river for lunch." and for a moment she looked very serious.  Then she laughed and sang happily, "No school today for little me, I'm going with my friends for tea," and she skipped for joy again.


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