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31. The Path to the River

"It is not far to the river from here", Merlena Bear told the other bears, still holding Shelley's hand in her paw. "We can leave the mall at the far side through Exit 7, walk through the Mayor's Arcade and then down the stairs to the lawns."  "Do you often come here?" asked Shelley.  "Oh no," answered Merlena, "Today is a very special occasion because all my visitors are here with me."  Theodore Bear stopped on the top step to look at the scenery in front of them.  "That is beautiful," he said,  "I think we will have a wonderful time here" and quickly ran down onto the thick, green grass.  He could not resist giving a few little jumps to feel his feet sink into the lawn.  "What fun," he said,  "The grass does not grow like this where I come from as it is too dry there.  I will enjoy sitting here for a while"   "Yes, we will too," agreed the others.


Finding Charm said...

What a fun outing! Pretty picture.

Glass Princess said...

OMG! You have truly an adorable Blog! I retweeted your post.. Hope you get lots of followers! Stop by my blog if you'd like

TG Bears said...

Thank you both for commenting. @Glass Princess, thanks for the tweet :-)

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