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29. A Very Special Invitation

Merlena Bear was right.  The other bears were indeed pleased to meet Shelley and they all smiled broadly.  In turn they each held out a paw and shook Shelley's hand.  Then they all almost spoke at once to thank Shelley for coming to say hello to them.  "We are having such a lovely time looking at all the shops and sights of the city but now we are starting to feel hungry and thought we would go down to the river bank for a picnic lunch," said Ferdinand Bear.  "Yes, we have lots of delicious left overs from Merlena's birthday party last night.  Look at my backpack.  I took all my spare bows out and packed it full of food so that it is quite round,"  said Theodore Bear.  "Will you come and join us?" invited Hernando Bear and bowed politely to Shelley.  "Ooo, I would love to do that," Shelley replied excitedly, dancing from one foot to the other in glee, and she looked across at Mummy who was smiling and nodding her head.  Yes, she could go with the bears today.


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