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33. Lunchtime!

Theodore had arranged all the food on his red spotted handkerchief and now lunch was ready to be eaten.  There were little sandwiches with lovely fillings, a selection of juicy fruits and little cup cakes with icing and a cherry on top and everyone put a little of each on their plate.  "Now don't be shy, Shelley, please make sure you also have plenty to eat," said Merlena and she gave her an extra cup cake with pink icing.  "Oh, thank you, Merlena.  Thank you, thank you for inviting me to come with you today," said Shelley and gave one of her lovely smiles.  Hernando Bear opened the bottle of  honey tea and filled each mug.   "Let us say "Happy day to you" and have a sip of our tea," he said and they all held up their mugs and cheered together.  The weather was perfect, the food looked delicious and they were enjoying each others' company.  It was indeed a happy day.


Finding Charm said...

I wish I had an invite. The cupcakes sound delish! Extra frosting please.

TG Bears said...

Extra frosting! :-)

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