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35. After Lunch

After lunch was eaten the bears were feeling lazy and Hernando Bear was the first one to lie back on the grass.  "Ah, this is relaxing," he said,  "maybe we can spend some time here."  "Yes, let us do that," they all agreed and one by one they also made themselves comfortable.  Ferdinand Bear made sure that he did not crease his smart blue tie and Theodore put his backpack under his head like a pillow.  Merlena turned onto her side and rested her head on her paw.  Shelley stretched out on her tummy so she could watch the bears all the time and then she asked the first question.  "Theodore, where do you live?  You said it is very dry there and the grass does not grow to make a thick lawn.  Please tell me what your garden looks like without grass. I have lots of green grass to play on and the big tree in our garden has a tree house for me in it".


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