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34. At the Riverside

It was quiet and peaceful sitting under the tree on the river bank.  Birds were perched on the low branches looking to see if there would be any crumbs for them to pick up and they were singing loudly so everyone would remember that they were there.  "Tweet, tweeee! Don't forget meeee!" they sang.  Now and then a yacht came sailing by and both Theodore and Ferdinand were fascinated.  They watched  carefully as the yacht tilted to one side and then to the other and they both said they did not think they would like to sail in such a small boat.  Soon all the plates were empty.  "Look there are just five strawberries left," said Hernando Bear, "That is one each." and he passed them around.  Shelley helped Theodore to put the plates together and pack them all back into his backpack.  She folded the red spotted handkerchief and placed it neatly on top of the plates.  "Thank you, Shelley," said Theodore, "My backpack will not be nearly as heavy now as it was when we came."


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