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28. Meeting the Bears

Merlena Bear was intrigued with this friendly little girl with the lovely smile and wondered who she was.  Michelle said her name and added, "But everyone calls me Shelley for short and I like that name too."   Merlena held Shelley's hand in her paw now and replied, "That is a lovely name and I will also call you Shelley."  They looked at the pretty things in the window together and then  walked over to where the others were standing  "Come and meet the other Bears. They will be so pleased to meet you, Shelley," said Merlena.  Shelley was almost a bit shy to meet so many bears at once but Merlena Bear told her their names.  "I am Merlena, this is my brother, Hernando, this is my cousin, Ferdinand and this is his good friend, Theodore," she said, placing her paw on each bear's shoulder as she introduced them.


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