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27. A Surprise

Merlena Bear had stopped to look at a shop window full of beautiful hair clips, brightly colored ribbons and brushes. There were pink ones and blue ones and others looked as if they were made of pearl. "If it is alright with you, the three of us will look at the travel goods in that window over there," said Hernando Bear and they walked on a few steps to look at the selection of rucksacks, suitcases and kit bags. "Travelers need such things," said Theodore Bear thoughtfully.  Suddenly Merlena was surprised to feel a hand slip under her arm and gently catch hold of her paw.  She turned her head to see who it was.  Standing next to her was a cute little girl with a mop of blonde, curly hair and big blue eyes.  She smiled and said, "Hello, Miss Bear.  My Mummy said she did not think you would mind if I came to talk to you." and she waved at a lady wearing a blue dress.  Merlena smiled and waved at the lady too. "Why, hello, Little Miss.  How kind of you to come and greet me. What is your name?" she said.


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