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65. The colored Cliffs

Soon Theodore Bear noticed that the rocks in the cliffs were no longer light-colored but were becoming beautiful shades of reds, yellows and orange.  "Why," he smiled to himself, "they look like my  bows that I have in my back pack."  And Theodore was fascinated.  He loved the wonderful shapes of the rocks and imagined what they could be – a beehive, a camel's back, a duck's beak?  The colors seemed to change all the time as the sun shone onto the sides of the cliffs or one of the tall rocks cast a shadow onto another one close by.   He was thrilled to spy an eagle circling slowly above a deep canyon and watched to see if it would dive down for a catch.  Way out front he could see a big bridge and he guessed that soon the train would be crossing a river.  "How far down it is to the water.  A good thing this is a sturdy bridge," Theodore thought as he stood up and pressed his nose to the glass to be able to see right to the bottom, "it really is wonderful to be traveling."


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