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70. The beautiful View

When they were ready to stroll about again, Benjamin Bear thought it would be a good idea to walk up a small hill to get a good view over the city with the mountains in the background.  "The view from up here is beautiful," said Theodore Bear, "it was definitely worthwhile to come. There is even some snow lying on the peaks.  That is something I do not see often."  On the way back home they walked through the older part of the city with it's well-kept houses and Theodore tried to imagine how it must have looked when there were only wagons in the streets and no cars.  After supper Theodore thanked Benjamin and Barbara for having him to stay and showing him around.
"I enjoyed your city very much," he said, "but I will be catching the train early again tomorrow.  There are still many places that I would like to visit."   "We will come and see you off at the station in the morning," they said, "we like looking at the trains and go there often."


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