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66. The next Stop

Theodore Bear had such an interesting day on the train.  He had seen so many new places and had enjoyed looking at the rocks and the cliffs and the trees that clung to the sides sometimes.  There had been deep canyons and gulleys and then again some beautiful arches in the rocks that looked as if a giant had come with an enormous drill and made a hole through the middle.  The color of the rocks in the late afternoon sun made them look as if they were on fire. "I had no idea that I would be able to see so much from the train window," he thought to himself, "but it is getting late in the day and I think I will get off at the next city and stay overnight. I do not want to miss anything."  The next city was only a few miles away and the train soon entered the first suburbs.  Theodore lifted his back pack off the rack and had his cane in his hand, ready to disembark at the station. 


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