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64. The View from the Window

Theodore Bear was enjoying the train ride.  He listened to the sound of the wheels on the rails and looked at the view from the window.  He had been traveling for quite a while and now there was more grass with bushes here and there and the first mountains appeared in the background.  Trees grew in the valleys and from time to time he could see a ranch house in the distance.  The large herds of cattle always attracted Theodore's attention and he wondered how many animals there were altogether.  "Too many to count," he thought and leaned back against the seat.  The busy highway ran along next to the train track and Theodore was pleased that he was not driving there and could look around.  "I am getting hungry," he said to himself and ate some of the honey from the bottle in his back pack.  "Mmmm, that was a delicious lunch," and Theodore smiled with satisfaction.  


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