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69. Sight seeing

The next morning Theodore Bear wore his fine red bow to look really smart when he set off with Benjamin and Barbara Bear to go sight-seeing.  They walked along under shady trees and Theodore saw how wide the streets were.  "It must be much easier for the drivers when the cars have plenty of space," he thought.  He noticed that the streets were numbered and laid out in square blocks. They looked at the famous buildings and Benjamin told Theodore all their names.  Soon it was lunch time and Barbara Bear suggested they take a rest in the lovely park close by.  "I have enough sandwiches in my purse for us all," she said.  "I have a bottle of honey," said Theodore, "we can share some of that too."  It was so peaceful sitting on the bench in the park that they spent a long time there.  Theodore told about life in the desert and Benjamin and Barbara told about living in the city.


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