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73. The best Scenery

Theodore Bear was enjoying everything about the train ride.  He had turned sideways on the seat so that he could see out of the window better.  The train was going slowly now and passing through a beautiful canyon where there was just enough space beside the tracks for the highway and the river.  Theodore felt he could almost put his paw in the water if he leaned out of the window and it all looked so beautiful.   The river rushed along making little white waves over the stones. "But it looks very cold," he thought.  There was more fun to come. Two fat mountain sheep with big curled horns were standing eating grass on the other side of the river and all the other passengers were just as excited as Theodore to see them so clearly.  The cliffs on either side were so high that Theodore could almost not see their tops.  "What a wonderful day," he thought and smiled with pleasure.


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