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67. Theodore in the City

The train began to slow down and Theodore Bear realised the station must be close by. "Maybe I will get to see some of those beautiful buildings tomorrow before I travel further," he thought.  Slowly the train pulled into the station and came to a halt.  Theodore stepped out onto the platform and followed the crowd to the entrance.  There a big board displayed a map of the city and he stopped to look at it.  A bright red arrow pointed to the station - YOU ARE HERE it read and Theodore took note of the streets and places of interest round about. "I must be able to find my way back to the station," he said to himself. Then he went to the entrance and looked up and down the street.  Suddenly he felt a gentle tap on each shoulder.  He looked around to both sides and was amazed to see two smiling faces.


Finding Charm said...

This part of the story reminds me of Harry Potter.
I wonder who the smiling faces are?

TG Bears said...

Coming up shortly :-)

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