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68. Two new Friends

On his left side Theodore Bear saw another bear.  He was wearing a smart blue tie and a pretty lady bear wearing a matching blue scarf stood on his right side.  He was so surprised that he hardly knew what to say.  Then he managed, "Hello."  "We were across the road when we saw you," said the first stranger, "my name is Benjamin Bear and this is Barbara Bear," and the two bears both held out a paw to greet TheodoreTheodore shook paws with them and said, "I am pleased to meet you. My name is Theodore Bear. I am traveling and want to see everything so I got off the train before it gets dark.  Now I must find a place to sleep tonight." Benjamin Bear smiled and said, "Well, we live here and have a little guest house.  We have never had a bear from the desert to stay before and would be very happy if you came to us.  We would like to show you around our city tomorrow too."  "Thank you, that is very kind of you both," Theodore said.  "Then it is arranged," said Barbara Bear, "let's go home."


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