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76. The Surprise Visitor

"Hmm, I wonder who is knocking," thought Frederick Bear and got up out of his comfortable chair, "I am not expecting anyone."  He went to the front door and opened it wide.  For a moment he just stared and then he smiled his biggest smile.  "Theodore Bear!" he said excitedly, "what a wonderful surprise.  You have come to visit me at last. Do come inside," and he took Theodore's paw between both of his and shook it for a long time.  "Hello, Frederick Bear, how good it is to see you again," said Theodore, "I had a lovely day on the train and saw snow on the mountains. It is much colder here than where I live in the desert.  No wonder you wear that fine red suit to keep warm."  "Yes," said Frederick, "Let us drink some good, hot honey tea and then you can tell me how Merlena Bear is and all about your travels."  And they spent the whole evening catching up on their news.


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