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74. The first Address

Slowly but surely the train began a descent from among the mountains and all the high peaks.  There were more roads and also more traffic on them.  "I think the city will now be coming into view soon," Theodore Bear said to himself and he was right.  One more curve and he could see the first tall buildings against the sky line.  Soon the train pulled into the station and Theodore got off.   He walked to the end of the platform and found a bench.  He sat down, put his cane next to him and reached for his rucksack.  He opened it carefully and took out the envelope that Merlena Bear had given him with the addresses of all her friends that he had met at her party.  He looked through the little white cards one by one.  "Ah, here it is," and he read, "Frederick Bear, 17 Snowfall Avenue.   Now to find him."


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