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71. The first Chill

Theodore Bear had packed his back pack and once again wore his green bow.  After a bite to eat he set off to the station with Benjamin and Barbara Bear.  "There is a real chill on the air this morning," Barbara said, rubbing her paws together, "we will be getting more snow soon and the tops of the mountains will all be white."  They walked briskly to keep warm and the train was just pulling into the station when they arrived. "It was lovely to meet you both and be able to see so much of your city.  Thank you very much indeed," said Theodore and bowed politely as he shook paws with Barbara.  Then he shook paws with Benjamin and climbed up into the train. This time the train was nearly full but Theodore managed to find a window seat.  He quickly opened the window to wave to Benjamin and Barbara Bear.  "Bon Voyage," they called as the train pulled away from the platform.


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