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90. On their Way

Theodore Bear heard something ringing and opened his eyes.  "Oh, yes, the alarm," he remembered, "we are going on an outing today."  And he jumped up to be on time.  Soon he and Frederick Bear were ready and they both wore their beanies and scarves as it would be cold outside so early when they walked to the bus stop.  Theodore looked at their reflection in the shop windows and laughed as he said, "I can't believe that is me with a beanie and scarf as it is always so hot in the desert where I live."  The bus was already parked at the bus stop and the driver welcomed the passengers aboard.  He told them they would be traveling straight to the nature reserve and read their rules.  Do not damage any plants, do not interfere with any animals, leave no papers or peels lying around and only walk on the paths.   "Everyone here?  Fine, let's get on the road," he said.  And they did.


Finding Charm said...

I bet that would be a sight to see yourself bundled up when you're from the desert. I'd probably giggle too.

TG Bears said...

Theodore really does not need such an outfit at home. Good thing Frederick Bear had one to lend him.

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