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101. The Airport

The bus rounded a big traffic circle and stopped at the entrance to the large white terminal building.  Theodore Bear and some of the other passengers got off and they all walked to the lovely glassed entrance together.  Theodore was rather pleased to be able to follow the others as he did feel a little strange in such a big, busy place.  Inside it was even more busy with long lines of passengers waiting for their flights and others rushing back and forth pulling their luggage behind them.  Theodore just watched for a while and looked at the many signboards showing the flight departure and arrival times and check-in counter numbers.  On the walls and pillars there were pictures of aircraft with different colors and names on them and more pictures of beautiful places one could fly to.  “All very exciting,” thought Theodore, “ hmm, now let me see, oh there is a sign that says 'Desk 101 – 110' and that must be where I will find Duty Bear.”


Finding Charm said...

I love sitting at an airport and watch the hustle and bustle. So much fun to watch people.

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