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93. The Trail

"Are you all still awake?" the bus driver joked.  "Yes!" shouted everybody, "we want to see where we are going." The driver laughed, "In a few minutes we will be arriving at a rest camp where we will stop for some time.  You will be free to visit the restaurant, sit on a bench or walk on one of the trails.  Just be sure to remember the rules, stay on the path and be back in time.  Enjoy yourselves!"
Theodore Bear and Frederick Bear wanted to walk along a trail and agreed to be as quiet as possible so any animals would not hear them coming and run away.  They put on their beanies and scarves again, took the rucksack with and set off at a brisk pace being careful not to step on any twigs that could crack noisily.  Sometimes Theodore walked in front and then Frederick had a turn to lead the way. It was peaceful in the forest away from the city's hustle and bustle.  They felt so happy.


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