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102. Now what?

Theodore Bear picked up his back pack, his cane and the carry bag with snacks that Frederick Bear had given him and went in search of Duty Bear.  Following the signposts, Theodore Bear started down a long passage.  He  first stopped to look out of the window and stood there for a while, fascinated by all the many aircraft standing in front of the building.  “It is a hive of activity out there,” he said to himself, “look at all those service vehicles bringing the luggage to be loaded and there are so many passengers climbing up the steps into the airplane.”   Then he continued down the passage, went around a corner and into a big, airy office with a whole row of desks.  “101,102. .” Theodore counted, “. . 106.”  But poor Theodore's heart sank.  There was no one sitting at Desk 106 and the chair was neatly pushed in under it.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Poor Theodore, do you think he is feeling worried?

TG Bears said...

I doubt it :-)

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