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96. Back in the Bus

As they came to the end of the trail at the rest camp Theodore Bear and Frederick Bear both spoke at once.  "That was amazing. What a lovely trail.  We were in the right places at the right times," they said as they boarded the bus.  The other passengers wanted to know what they were so excited about and what all they had seen. They had to tell their story in detail and repeat it again for the driver when he came.  “You were extremely fortunate,"the driver told them, "it does not happen often that you see both a moose and a bear on one day." "This lovely day has passed so quickly," sighed Theodore as the bus edged out of the parking place. The driver reminded everyone to keep watching on the way back to the gate but they did not see more animals.  The sun had dipped behind the mountain already and soon they left the reserve to head along the main road to the city.


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