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91. The Bus Ride

The city was still asleep and there was very little traffic in the streets.  Theodore Bear and Frederick Bear had a seat next to one of the big windows on the bus. They took off their beanies and scarves and Theodore put his back pack carefully on the baggage rack.  Now they settled back to enjoy the ride.  Soon they had left the city behind and the road started to go uphill and wind it's way into the mountains.  "It is so pretty here," Theodore commented, "look at the sun shining onto the snow on the peaks and on the red rocks below it.  Oh, and look at all the trees next to the road, all the same height with long straight stems."  "Lovely, I wish I could look everywhere at once," replied Frederick, "I think we are almost at the entrance to the Nature Reserve.  That looks like it over there in front."  When the bus arrived at the gate the driver spoke to the ranger who then waved them on.  "Here we are, folks, keep watching carefully to see all the interesting nature here in the reserve," the driver told the passengers and he drove very slowly along the road so they could see everything.


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