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94. Something to see

Theodore Bear stopped so suddenly that Frederick almost bumped into him.  Theodore pointed forward with his paw and whispered, "Over there up the mountain, I think that is a moose. A real live moose!" and he smiled a very wide smile.  Frederick nodded agreement. It was not close enough to see well and the moose soon moved out of sight but they were thrilled.  Before they went on Frederick quietly opened Theodore's back pack and took out their lunch which they ate as they went further along the trail, Frederick walking in front this time.  The path turned a corner and between the trees a small lake with crystal clear water came into view. "I wonder if there are fish in there or if it is too cold for them, but I am sure the ranger would not be happy if somebody caught one," Theodore mused.  They walked on slowly and followed the path towards the water's edge, coming out of the trees into the open.  Frederick stood still. "Wow! Oh wow!" he breathed."Look!"


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