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97. An Evening at Home

This time there was a lot more traffic and it took longer to reach the bus terminus. “Thank you very much for a safe journey, Mr. Driver,” everyone said as they got off the bus.  “Come with me again sometime,” replied the driver, “good-bye for now.” Frederick and Theodore walked back home and spent most of the evening talking about the wonderful day they had.  They looked at the Nature Reserve brochure again and Theodore said, “Look, Frederick, here is a picture card at the back.  Do you think we can use it to send Merlena Bear a greeting from us?  I think she would be pleased to hear about our trip today.”  “Good idea,” said Frederick, “ we can each put a paw print on it for her,” and he got up to fetch Merlena's address.  “We can drop this in the post box when we go out again.”  Then  Theodore leaned forward on the table,  “Frederick, about tomorrow...” he said.


Anonymous said...

Are you planning to move on again tomorrow, Theodore?

TG Bears said...

I will update my journal on Wednesday again. :-)

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