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99. A Sunshine Bow

Theodore Bear brushed his fur neatly and then peeped out of the window.  “A lovely sunshine morning. I am wearing my bright yellow bow today to match it,” he said to himself and picked up his back pack and cane.  It was still early when he and Frederick set off and soon the bus arrived at the stop.  “Good-bye, Theodore, have a good trip,” said Frederick and Theodore thanked him once more before climbing up into the bus to get a good window seat. Poor Frederick Bear felt quite sad to see him go. Theodore waved with both paws when the bus pulled away and then leaned back in the seat to watch where they were going.  The city was soon left behind and Theodore took a last look at the beautiful mountains before they disappeared from view.  The country side was flatter now and he noticed the thick grass growing in yellow soil.  He saw the large herds of cattle with long, long horns and the big ranch houses and wondered if he would perhaps see a cowboy or two.


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