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98. The Plan for Tomorrow

“What about tomorrow, Theodore?” Frederick Bear asked. “I have had such a lovely time here with you, Frederick, thank you very much indeed, but I do not want to overstay my welcome and I will move on again tomorrow.  I want to take a bus and it will be a very long ride so I need to leave early,” Theodore told him. “Are you going already?” said Frederick, “I am glad you came to visit me and it has been a lot of fun doing things together.  I will come to the bus stop in the morning to see you off.  Let us have another cup of honey tea and then get to sleep.”  Frederick brought the tea and also a carry bag full of good things for Theodore if he felt hungry on the bus. “Thank you, Frederick, this looks delicious.  I will pack everything tonight so there is no rush tomorrow.”  Soon the house was in darkness and everyone in Dreamland watching moose and bears.


Anonymous said...

After he looked in that bag I have a feeling Theodore is going to feel hungry before the bus has gone very far.

TG Bears said...

You may be right. Don't you think he has the sweetest bag?

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