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92. In the Nature Reserve

Theodore and Frederick were having a wonderful time on the bus.  The driver pointed out things to see all the time as he drove along the narrow road in the Nature Reserve. "Here on my left you can see the stream rushing over the stones.  This comes from way up at the top of the mountain where the snow is.  In winter there is snow here too but the stream still flows," he said, "these trees are able to carry a lot of snow without their branches breaking off.  In the springtime there are flowers in the grass at the edge of the road too."  The road crossed the stream and curved around the big rocks. "Notice that there are some cloud patches between the highest peaks and there are no forests up there as it is too cold for the trees. Only little tufts of shrubs and some moss grow on that part of the mountain," the passengers were told.  "I am learning so much," Theodore thought to himself.


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