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148. Waiting patiently

Theodore climbed onto the second step of Earth Bear's cabin and looked around if he could see him somewhere. Then he smiled to himself. "Ha, there he is.  In his hammock and he is fast asleep!  I think he must be very tired after working all day so I will just sit down here on the step and wait a while until he wakes up."  So that is what Theodore did.  He put his back pack and cane down next to him and leaned against a post.  He watched the birds and saw a squirrel scampering up a tree.  "It seems as if it does not like me sitting here," Theodore thought, "just listen how he is chattering.  Maybe he is trying to wake Earth Bear up so he can see the visitor on his step."  Later the squirrel ran down the tree again and scratched around among the leaves to find something to eat. A little mouse crept out from under a bush and Theodore sat very still not to frighten it. It seemed like only a short time before Theodore heard, "Ho, hum," coming from the hammock and Earth Bear sat up. He yawned, stretched and rubbed his eyes. “Well, it's Theodore Bear!” he said and slipped to the ground to greet his friend.


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