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152. The Start of the Trail

"Just before we leave, it is still early in the morning and we may be lucky to see one of the night animals feeding before they go to sleep for the day so I suggest we walk as quietly as possible," said Earth Bear and Theodore agreed. They walked along the path stopping every now and then to enjoy the scenery. The tall trees on both sides of the trail met over the top to form a canopy and Theodore imagined that is what it must be like to hike in a jungle. There seemed to be squirrels everywhere and they chattered noisily to warn each other that somebody was coming.  Earth Bear stopped and held up his paw then pointed towards a shrub under the trees. Theodore at first could not see what was there but then he spied the wild turkey pecking at some berries.  It was somewhat hidden among the leaves but it was the first wild creature they saw and Theodore was thrilled.  He hoped it was the first of many more that they would see.


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