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150. The Map

After supper Earth Bear showed Theodore the big map of the park on the wall of his cabin.  It had all the paths and roads and trails marked on it and also the rivers and mountain peaks.  He pointed out where his cabin was and where the best viewing places were.  "You just came at the right time, Theodore, as it has rained rather heavily here lately," Earth Bear said, "and I have to go out on a walking trail to check if it is still in a safe, usable condition.  It will take about three days to do that so we will have to take our food with in back packs and then we can sleep in a tent at one of the picnic spots along the way.  I think you will enjoy that a lot and I hope that you are fit to be able to walk so far.  It is a very beautiful trail and we may be lucky enough to see some animals too.  What do you think about that idea?"  "It sounds wonderful," said Theodore, "I can hardly wait to go." 


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