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149. Meeting Earth Bear again

Earth Bear was so pleased to see Theodore and they shook paws.  "You have been a long time getting here, Theodore, I almost thought you had forgotten about me and I was looking so forward to showing you the beautiful place where I live," said Earth Bear, "come inside and make yourself at home in my little cabin.  It is a bit rustic but very comfortable."  They stepped into the log cabin and settled down in the large bean bags.  "So where all have you been on your travels, Theodore," asked EarthBear, "I am sure you have seen many interesting places by now." And Theodore told him what he had seen and done.  "It has been wonderful," he said, "everybody should travel and experience new places and traditions."  "Supper time," suggested Earth Bear, "I have some fresh honey still in the comb and that is always a treat.  Then I can tell you what we will do tomorrow."


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