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153. The Stream

Theodore and Earth Bear were walking on level ground and there was very little that needed to be done to the path as it was not damaged by the rain.  Here and there it was still muddy and they had to walk along the edges and the fallen leaves were a bit slippery in places.  The stream close by trickled along tunefully and there was a little wooden bridge to be crossed.  Earth Bear inspected the poles and planks and made sure they were all securely in place. Theodore looked over the railing on the sides and could see small trout swimming in the water. As he watched a frog jumped off a grass tuft and plopped into the pool.  A few colorful dragon flies landed gently on the stones that were sticking out of the water.  Further over a yellow butterfly settled on a flower and a bird was taking a bath in some water that had collected in a hollow stone. Theodore was fascinated.


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