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158. A Kid's Slide

After lunch the path went downhill and Earth Bear and Theodore made good progress.  "We must keep watch along here," said Earth Bear, "I have often seen a family of otters playing in this river.  Maybe we will be lucky today."  They walked a little slower and then Earth Bear said, "Over there. See, there is one swimming in that pool. Let us watch for a while as they are very active and like to dive and play. That little one is coming out of the water now and ha, ha," Earth Bear laughed, "did you see it slide down that bank and back into the water. Just like any kid."  Theodore laughed too as they watched the energetic little otter and decided to spend some time looking at the otters search  for something to eat.  "We must move on now," said Earth Bear, "we have to reach the next Camp Site before it gets dark. This Site is different and we will have a hut to sleep in instead of a tent."

Who is That?

Theodore and Earth Bear settled into the little hut at the Camp Site and prepared their supper. They sat on the steps of the verandah to watch the sun go down and while waiting for it to get dark they listened to all the night sounds made by the animals and birds in the Park.  "Later tonight there will be a film show about the Park in the small amphitheater over there," said Earth Bear, "would you like to see it or are you tired?"  "That would be lovely," replied Theodore and they made their way over to find a good seat on one of the natural stone tiers around the big screen.  The lights came on between the huts, the preparations for the show were underway and the visitors started coming from their huts.  Suddenly Earth Bear nudged Theodore. "That is an interesting looking visitor here tonight.  Certainly not the type we see around regularly.  From where, I wonder?"



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