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156. The Camp Site

Earth Bear and Theodore found their tent and unzipped the entrance.  "This is the first time I will be sleeping in a tent," said Theodore looking around as they took off their back packs and put them down. "It can get quite chilly in the night," Earth Bear told him, "let us go over to the store right away and fetch the sleeping bags, a lantern and two folding chairs.  We can sit outside for a while and watch the stars come out.  They are so bright here where there are no city lights."  Theodore helped Earth Bear carry all the equipment and watched how he hung up the lantern on the cross bar of the tent. They got their supper ready and sat outside the tent to eat it.  Slowly it began to get dark and the first star started to twinkle then more and more could be seen.  Earth Bear pointed out some of the well known ones and after a while they could see the moon coming up over the trees.  "Shh," said Earth Bear softly, "listen carefully, did you hear that wolf howling in the distance?  But don't worry, remember there is a strong fence around the tents and it cannot get in here where we are."

Nature at Night  

"Look, over there, Theodore," whispered Earth Bear, "it is quite difficult to see, but there is an owl sitting right at the top of that dead tree behind the row of tents in front of us.  I think it is watching to spot a mouse running around looking for food.  Maybe it will fly off then and you will not hear a sound when  it does.  It lifts its wings and looks as if it jumps into the air, but so silently that the  mouse cannot hear it coming.  Nature is very clever."  "Yes, it is," agreed Theodore, "oh, now I see the owl.  It looks so big sitting there."  "Hooo, hooo," said the owl and turned his head from side to side but Theodore had to wait a long time to see it fly away.  "I am getting sleepy now," said Earth Bear, "we have another long walk ahead of us tomorrow and had better get some rest."  They crept into their sleeping bags, Earth Bear turned out the lantern and soon they were both fast asleep.  


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