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154. Safety First

"The bridge is still quite safe," said Earth Bear when he had finished checking the structure, "we can go on now.  The trail will lead uphill shortly and we will arrive at a lovely view point where we can sit on a bench and have a break for lunch. I hope you are enjoying yourself, Theodore."   Theodore smiled broadly and assured his friend that he was having a wonderful time. They put their back packs on their backs again and slowly started up the slope. A thin pole had been fastened across the path at intervals to serve as steps to make the climb less tiring and Earth Bear checked each one to be sure the supports and wires were secure.  The stream now rushed down over the stones and small cascades of water sparkled where the rays of sunshine broke through the trees.  Before long  they reached the top of the hill and sat down on the bench.  The view over the tree tops to the mountains in distance was breathtaking.  "Wow!" said Theodore, "I could never have imagined it."  


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