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157. Good Fortune

The next morning Theodore Bear woke up early and heard the birds twittering in the trees all around the tent.  He was surprised to see that Earth Bear was up already and busy rolling up his sleeping bag.  "Good morning, Theodore," said Earth Bear, "I thought I would start putting things away so we can have an early start.  Today we will have quite a climb as the path goes along the side of a mountain and there is likely to be more work to do than yesterday but we will have a beautiful view over the rest of the Park."  "I'll be quick," replied Theodore and in a short while they were ready to leave.  It was a lovely morning and Earth Bear walked in front. Soon he stopped and whispered to Theodore, "See those mounds of soil?  That is a fox burrow and look, there comes a fox now.  He was still out hunting."  The fox stood on top of the mound for a moment, looked around and then disappeared into one of the holes.  Earth Bear and Theodore both smiled at their good fortune to see it and then walked on along the path.

The Waterfall

Slowly the path through the forest became steeper and Earth Bear and Theodore slowed their pace so as not to get tired.  Once again there were steps that needed to be inspected and there were streams of water running next to the path.  Theodore enjoyed listening to the sound of the water rushing over the stones and they stopped to admire a waterfall. "This is impressive," said Theodore, "look how the water crashes down into the pool at the bottom and makes a big ball of foam. We could use some of that water in the desert where I live." They walked on and in places the path was wet from streams that had come down the mountain during the last rains. Earth Bear and Theodore had to repair a number of washaways and at midday they were glad to sit down for a while and rest. "This is the highest point," said Earth Bear, "enjoy the view. It is spectacular with all the trees, the lakes and the mountains in the distance and makes a good reward for all our hard work."


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