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151. Packed up and ready

The next morning Theodore woke up early and peeped out of the window.  It was a beautiful day and he decided to wear his yellow bow again. "Yellow is for sunshine," he said to himself, "and it would be good if the sun shines each day on our walk."  He took everything out of his back pack so that he could help Earth Bear carry the things they needed to take with them.  Earth Bear gave Theodore a stout walking stick.  "It is always a good thing to have a strong stick with you," he said and soon they were packed up ready to leave.  Earth Bear made sure all the windows were shut properly and latched his door.  "I would not like any little visitors to raid my pantry while I am away," he said, "raccoons and foxes and others can cause a lot of damage."  They walked through the Rest Camp and Earth Bear showed Theodore the restaurant and the main office before they set out on the trail. "This is where we start, shall I say 'Left, Right, March'," said Earth Bear playfully.


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