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172. The Big River

Theodore chose a window seat like he always did but this time he could not see too well as it was raining and the water ran down the glass in little streams.  "It is a good thing the countryside is so flat here otherwise I would not be able to see any mountains in the distance," Theodore thought and he almost nodded off to sleep.  Then he realised that it was no longer raining and there were some patches of blue sky to be seen.  The bus turned off the highway and entered a city.  Theodore could see the skyscrapers first and later he saw a wide river with a tall steel bridge ahead. "Wow! That is a big river and look at all those long barges and boats sailing on it," he said to himself, "that is about the biggest river I have seen so far," and the next minute the bus went onto the bridge with the  girders of the steel structure flashing by the window as it traveled.

Flat Country

The driver stopped the bus at a terminus in the city centre for a short while and soon continued the journey.  Theodore noted the many fountains and green open spaces and tree-lined avenues.  "This is a very pretty place," he decided, "it must be pleasant to live here and I am rather sorry to be just passing by."  The farming areas they drove through afterwards were also flat and Theodore missed the excitement of watching mountains and forests from the window. After some time the bus stopped in another big city with broad streets and numerous parks to pick up more passengers. And then it was back to driving through flat scenery.  It was later in the afternoon when the next signs of a city appeared and soon the bus was approaching the main center.  Theodore took the little white envelope out of his back pack and read the name and address on the last card.   "Cassandra Bear, 289 Prima Via," he told himself, "I hope I don't get lost trying to find her."  


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