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180. VIP again!

"Wow!" said Theodore as they approached the cruise ship. "That is big and tall with all those decks," said Jeffrey Bear, "this is going to be fun."  Theodore looked up at the ship and watched the passengers walking up the sloping steps to go on board.  Cassandra handed the tickets to the man at the bottom of the steps and he smiled broadly.  "Welcome, welcome," he said, "what an occasion to have four bears going on a cruise on this ship."  He reached into his pocket and took out a thick pen.  VIP he wrote across each ticket before he handed them back to Cassandra.  "This will get you a glass of fruit juice of your choice. Enjoy yourselves. Walk carefully on the gangplank."  Cassandra thanked the man before they went on board, stopping at the top of the steps to see all the activity on the quayside and look out over the harbor.   They looked at the thick ropes holding the ship  close to the wall and then turned to go inside.  "Wow!" said Theodore again, "just look at that."

Sailing away

Cassandra Bear smiled at Theodore's surprised expression when they stepped through the big door and entered the ship.  "Yes, it is lovely," she said, "and this is just a small cruise ship really as it only does short trips out onto the lake and back again. Those that go on the ocean are much bigger and there are cabins where one can sleep.  I suggest we go up onto the top deck now as it is open and we will be able to see the preparations for sailing.  Follow me."  They went up the flights of stairs to the top deck and found a good spot.   George and Jeffrey waved their little flags to the people on the quay and they waved back.  Theodore watched carefully when the tall crane lifted the gangplank and placed it on the quayside and then the ropes were loosened.  The ship blew a blast on the horn and slowly began to move out into the harbor.  They were  going sailing on the lake!


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