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171. The Next Moves

It had been an exciting day for Miss Festival Bear, Jenny Bear and Theodore and they leaned back in Jenny's comfortable chairs to enjoy a cup of honey tea.  "I have heard more music in the last two days than in my whole life before now," said Theodore, "and it has been marvelous.  I have been able to enjoy a new experience with each friend I have visited on my travels. Thank you so much for your hospitality, Jenny, but now it is time I moved on again.  Tomorrow I would like to catch a bus and I think I need to leave quite early." Jenny Bear was sorry to hear that Theodore was going to leave so soon again but offered to pack some food for the road for him and both she and Miss Festival Bear said they would accompany him to the bus stop.  "I will also have to leave the day after for another festival," said Miss Bear, "poor Jenny, you will be all alone again."


The next morning dawned grey and cloudy but Theodore wore his green bow anyway. "This has been a lucky bow so far and I have always had sunshine for traveling. Everything is packed and ready," he said to himself as he slung his back pack onto his back and picked up his cane.  Jenny and Miss Festival Bear were waiting for him and they walked to the bus stop.  "It looks like rain," said Jenny Bear, "you will not be able to see much in the distance if it does."  "Maybe it will be sunny further north," said Miss Bear hopefully.  The bus was waiting at the terminus and Theodore said Good-bye to his two friends.  "Thank you for a lovely time, Jenny.  Have a safe journey to the next festival, Miss Bear," he said and waved to them from the top step of the bus.  The first fine drops of rain began to fall and they all waved to each other once more before Jenny and Miss Bear hurried over to stand under a roof. 


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