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178. Taking it Easy

The next morning was sunny and warm and Cassandra had breakfast ready under a big tree in the back garden.  The bears enjoyed sitting there and it was quite late until they left to go down to the lake.  First they ambled along the path on the river bank and sat down on a bench to watch the boats sailing by.  "These look different to the ships we had to judge at the model club," said Jeffrey Bear, "I would feel a lot safer on these bigger ones."  They could see some of the long bridges across the river with all the traffic rushing across them.  "It is so busy out there," said Theodore with a sigh, "I am glad I do not have to rush so much."  After a while they walked on again and went down to the lake.   Theodore was surprised to see how big it was.  "This is like the sea," he said, "there one can also not see across to the other side."  "Yes, the lake is big," Cassandra told them, "but it freezes in winter when it is very cold.  Hard to believe when you look at it now."

The Lake

Theodore said he would like to sit down and watch all the boat traffic on the lake and they soon found a bench in a shady spot.  There were cruise ships with people lining the decks and small motor boats with just one or two people on board speeding along.  "It almost looks as if they are flying over the top of the water," George Bear said in surprise, "the front of the boat is up in the air."  Big cargo boats with boxes and containers came by and there was even a car or two securely fastened on some of them.  "They are going to the big harbour further along," said Cassandra, "only the cruise ships and smaller boats may dock here." The day passed so quickly and it was time for  the bears to slowly make their way home before it got dark. At supper Cassandra said mysteriously, "I have a surprise lined up for you tomorrow but first you will have to think what it could be."


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