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175. Surprise! Surprise!

Cassandra Bear grinned as she watched the surprised look on Theodore's face when he saw who was peeping around the door.  The visitors came in smiling broadly at their part in the fun and Theodore  said, "Well, I  just don't believe it!  What ever are you two doing here?"  He strode across the sitting room and the two visitors did the same.  They met in the middle of the floor and shook paws all round.  "Hello George Bear and hello, Jeffrey Bear, how nice to see you again and you are both still looking so smart in your suits," Theodore greeted them and they said the same.  "Cassandra was so cagey about telling me who her guests were," laughed Theodore, "and I did not have the faintest idea who they could be."  "Well, now you know," chuckled Cassandra and looked very pleased with herself, "I will fetch some snacks for supper and then George and Jeffrey can tell us their news now that they are a bit more awake after a nap." 

The Hungry Bears

In a short while Cassandra Bear came in with a tray full of bowls piled high with all sorts of delicious looking snacks and placed them on the table.  She handed each one a plate. "Now, please help yourselves to as much as you can eat and I do not have any scales to check your weight afterwards," she teased.  The bears were hungry after the day's travelling and did not chat much during supper but then George Bear said, "We were not nearly as surprised to see you as you were to see us, Theodore.  You see, we cheated a little bit and heard your voice before we opened the door," and he laughed at their clever move, "but it is wonderful that we can have a mini- reunion here today."  Everyone nodded in agreement. Theodore asked what George and Jeffrey had done  since they met at Merlena Bear's party.  "Oh, all sorts of things," said Jeffrey, "George and I have had a marvelous time."  "Tell us all about it please, start at the beginning," begged Cassandra and curled up comfortably in her chair as she did earlier. 


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